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Brewery Caretaker at ManyFriends

ManyFriends Brewing Company -- Saratoga's #1 craft brewery -- is looking for someone to learn all aspects of the operation.

No experience necessary, we will train. Food handling experience helpful, but not required.

Do you care deeply about brewery operation? ManyFriends is a living, growing space that requires a a lot of care and nurturing to maintain it as a special place to be enjoyed by all.

The job is mostly cleaning; lots & lots of cleaning. There are other duties of course but, if you're not down with a whole lot of cleaning, then you probably don't want to be in charge of brewery care.

So that's the gig: start off with a lot of cleaning and other "grunt work" and, over time, grow, learn and take over the rest of the operation.

For the right person -- a motivated, inspired person with high attention to detail -- there's a lot of upward potential, including some benefits not usually found in small, family-run businesses.

  • Hours: Part time; few hours to start. Expected to grow as we grow.
  • Flexibility: We're willing to work with you to assure success.
  • The job: It starts with cleaning. Lots of growth potential for the right person. We hope to find someone to eventually run the whole operation and lead our team.
  • The pay: We're fair and reasonable. Tell us what that means to you.
  • The perks: We're developing a nice package as we grow that includes paid vacation, profit sharing, bonuses, etc. As an early leader, you will help guide this.
  • The environment: We take the brewery business -- especially the cleanliness and sanitation parts -- quite seriously. Other than that, it's a pretty chill place to work.
  • Misc: You must be 21 years old on your start date.
  • The Interview (part 1): Demonstrate your self-sufficiency by finding us and stopping in to chat. (Or send email/DM, if you have questions.) Bonus points if you learn a bit about the company mission -- and are on-board -- before you get here.



Some unique benefits to this gig:

  • Personalized, on the job training regarding every aspect of brewery operation. You will not be "left hanging". In time, you will master every facet and every nuance of the place.
  • The work is extremely rewarding, if you're the kind of person who enjoys that sort of thing.
  • You will learn and grow at an amazing pace. You will learn new skills and abilities that have wide application both on and off the job.
  • There is no pigeonholing ("you just stick to doing dishes; other people do The Important Work"-type stuff); everybody does everything and, over time, you will learn and do it all.
  • * NOTE: We talk to some people who are mostly interested in doing our brewing. While that is part of the job, taking over brewing will come much later. If your main reason for wanting to work here is to brew beer, this probably isn't the ideal gig for you. Remember: it's mostly cleaning!
    (Secondarily, it's a fair bit of serving and bussing (more cleaning!) and a bit of general-repair/stuff-fixing. But it's still mostly cleaning.)
  • The people are amazing. We're creating a safe, enjoyable, playful space for people to enjoy each other. The result is that customer-interactions are filled with fun, enjoyable, playful folk. It's all quite civil and, frankly, pretty wonderful.
  • It's good for your physical, mental and spiritual health! While there are very few actually-strenuous tasks, it's fairly-constant light exercise to help keep you physically fit. There are also a constant stream of opportunities to improve things and stretch your mental agility. Finally, the environment is one of peace, love, understanding and acceptance, which is great for your spiritual well-being.

  Some things to think about before applying to this gig:

  • We're a tiny little "Mom & Pop" place.
  • - Upsides: learn a lot about everything; tight, friendly team; etc. (see above).
    - Downsides: You'll never be a "big shot" at a major brand, here. You'll never get promoted to vice president of worldwide sales, or anything similar.
      On the flip side, part of your planned growth path includes ushering the brewery to The Next Level. It's a "comes later" phase, but is definitely a planned phase.
  • We're a NO TIPPING (No Foolin'!) environment.
  • If you were hoping to cash-in big on your winning smile and stuning personality, you might be looking for a different kind of place. While those things are useful here, too, they won't impact your take-home. We strive to pay what you're worth, and not burden our customers with that responsibility.
  • Hosting is hard work!
  • It looks like fun -- and it is, if you're that kind of person -- but it's an "always on" thing. If you're not down for that sort of job, maybe enjoy the space we're creating from the other side of the counter.