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Brewery Manager Trainee at ManyFriends

ManyFriends Brewing Company -- Saratoga's #1 craft brewery -- is looking for someone to learn all aspects of the operation.

No experience necessary, we will train. Food handling experience helpful, but not required.

Always wanted to learn how to run a brewery? It's mostly cleaning; lots & lots of cleaning. There are other aspects to the job but, if you're not down with a whole lot of cleaning, then you probably don't want to run a brewery.

So that's the gig: start off with a lot of cleaning and other "grunt work" and, over time, grow, learn and take over the rest of the operation.

For the right person -- a motivated, inspired person with high attention to detail -- there's a lot of upward potential, including some benefits not usually found in small, family-run businesses.

  • Hours: Part time; few hours to start. Expected to grow as we grow.
  • Flexibility: We're willing to work with you to assure success.
  • The job: It starts with cleaning. Lots of growth potential for the right person. We hope to find someone to eventually run the whole operation and lead our team.
  • The pay: We're fair and reasonable. Tell us what that means to you.
  • The perks: We're developing a nice package as we grow that includes paid vacation, profit sharing, bonuses, etc. As an early leader, you will help guide this.
  • The environment: We take the brewery business -- especially the cleanliness and sanitation parts -- quite seriously. Other than that, it's a pretty chill place to work.
  • Misc: You must be 21 years old on your start date.
  • The Interview (part 1): Demonstrate your self-sufficiency by finding us and stopping in to chat. (Or send email/DM, if you have questions.) Bonus points if you learn a bit about the company mission -- and are on-board -- before you get here.