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Join the

ManyFriends "18-inchers"

(1/2 yard)

`Mug Club`

NOTE: Beginning in 2024, 18-incher membership is by invite-only.

It's fine to show interest, but there's a test. 🙃
(Hint: The first question will be "why do you want to join?". They get harder, after that.)


  • Your 1/2 yard (18", ~24oz) glass on display.
  • A plaque with your name, join-date and catch-phrase.
    Decorate your 18 inches however you like.
  • First 1/2 yard pour of the day is charged at $5.
  • Subsequent pours charged as a pint.
    1/2 yard pours available to members only!
  • $2 off pints/flights everyone in your party.
  • NOTE: Discounts may not be combined with other offers.
  • Growler-fill discounts.
  • Growler discount applies for all guests on the same ticket.
  • Refer a friend and get a free growler fill.
  • (Super-premium and limited-edition beers excluded.)
  • 1/2 off all food items for members & all guests.
  • Discounted soft drinks for members & all guests.
  • Early access to new releases.
  • Includes exclusive access to some "short run" releases.
  • Special members-only events.
  • Sign-up/longevity swag (see below).
  • Bragging rights.


  • $300 first year. Includes:
  • 1/2 yard glass,
        Stored in your place of honor on our "18-inchers" display, marked with a plaque showing your name, join-date and words of wisdom.
    (1) ManyFriends vinyl stickers.
    (1) ManyFriends postcards w/stamps.
    All member benefits.
  • $240 to renew.
  • Includes lnogevity renewal gifts:
      Year 2: (2) Logo pint glasses.
      Year 3: (3) Cans of beer (your choice).
      Year 4: (4) Growler (4 pints) fill.
      Year 5 and beyond: TBD
    Renew any time during your anniversary month for continuous membership.
    • Fine Print:
    • * Membership is good through the end of the anniversary of your sign-up month.
        Ex: Join on May 12, 2020; membership good through May 31, 2021.
      * A member may extend membership any time during the year following expiration and recieve longevity-based items.
        Ex: Join on May 12, 2020; renew on Jun 23, 2021; membership extended until May 31, 2022 & get 2nd year items.
      * Memberships lapsed more than 1 yr will forfeit that "spot" (ex: on a rack or the ceiling-hang order), making it available for another. The expired member, if they wish to re-join, will do so as a new (1st-year) member. Fully-lapsed members forfeit their 1/2 yard, if left behind (the half yard is yours with initial membership and, any time you like, you can take it home. By way of example, we have had members leave the area and take their 1/2 yards with them.)
  • $70 -- Replacement 1/2 yard. Don't break it!